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    What is Digiposte?

    Digiposte is a digital safe and personal assistant that helps you to manage your documents and your family's daily life with ease.

    It allows you to:

    • store and protect all of your documents,
    • retrieve and automatically sort your certified or uncertified documents (invoices, statements, pay slips, etc.) from the organisations and online retailers you select,
    • preserve and securely store your documents and share them with your family or third parties with confidence.
    • archive your e-mails and attachments from Laposte.net, as well as proofs of delivery of your registered mail from the Mail Shop online,
    • get assistance in preparing and managing your official procedures (renewal of identity cards, property purchases, sports club membership, etc.) online.

    It also allows you to:

    • Receive reminders about important due dates
    • Get suggestions on procedures to be completed

    Digiposte can be accessed via the web or mobile app, with an internet connection.

    By accessing your Digiposte account, you can access all the documents you have stored there easily and at any time.

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