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    What is a La Poste account?

    MOBILE APP INFORMATION: As of version 3.4 of the mobile app, you will need to log in with your La Poste account. A La Poste account is created automatically when you register for Digiposte; your login details are the same as those used for Digiposte.
    With the La Poste account, you can log in to all La Poste services, including Digiposte, with the same login details.


    The La Poste Account allows you to log in to all your La Poste services:

    To discover all of the benefits of a La Poste account, go to the dedicated page: www.laposte.fr/moncompte-laposte-avantages

    You are already a customer of La Poste E-services if you have previously used one of these services or purchased from one of these sites.

    The login details for your La Poste Account are unique and can be used on all La Poste E-services.

    You can use these login details (email address and password) to sign in directly from the Digiposte web portal (https://secure.digiposte.fr/identification-plus), without having to register.

    Please note: if you already have a Digiposte account with an email address that is different from that of your La Poste account, continue to log in with the Digiposte email address in order to keep all your data. 

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