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    Can I merge multiple Digiposte safes?

    If you have two safes, you have the option of merging them (via the website only). 

    To do this, log in to the safe that you want to keep and to which you want to transfer the data from another safe.

    Click on your Profile in the upper right corner and go to Manage Safe > Merge Safe > Start

    Click Continue to confirm the data storage information message:

    Enter the email address and password of the safe you want to recover the data from (if your account was created before January 2017 and still has a 6-digit PIN code, enter your username and PIN code directly via the 6-digit PIN code tab):

    Once the merge has been completed, a confirmation message will appear on the screen: click on Finish:

    The offer with most benefits will be kept and you will find all your documents in a single safe.

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