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    I’ve stopped receiving documents from some organisations

    If you’ve stopped receiving documents from your organisation, you will need to restart the collection manually.

    To do this, go to the Organisations section: your subscriptions will then appear on the screen. Click on the organisation and then on the symbol  to restart receiving the missing documents. Wait a few moments while staying on the same page.

    After a few minutes, your documents will be downloaded and automatically deposited in your safe.

    • If you get the message Your documents could not be collected, click Retry or Find out more. You may need to re-enter your login details (e.g. if you have changed them on the organisation's website).
    • If you get the message A security code has been sent, click on Enter code and then enter the code received by SMS or e-mail.

    However, if you are unable to restart the collection of your documents, delete the subscription and then re-subscribe to the organisation or contact Digiposte Customer Service.

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